Ideas, thoughts, and observations; analysis of existing and future events, emergent technologies, and timestreams already having occurred.

All reality must be understood to be a simulation. However not all simulated-realities coexist. In fact, none do. Reality is an individuated simulation. A 2D plane upon which the sole point of observation exists surrounded by a 3D hologram. This sole point is you; or me. Or him, or her. That part is insignificant. Despite the overall grotesqueness of the Cartesian model we are left with one invaluable piece of truth; namely that the only person that one may ever be certain experiences thought or emotion at all is oneself.

One must understand that truly they have no control of anything but that which they have control over internally. They did not create the simulation into which they were rendered nor did they create the rendering that was introduced into the program. Free-will, like Time, and Choice, are illusions. In order to truly understand who one is and where they are going they must first release themselves of all the falsehoods they’ve come to accept about the nature of their existence. After all, if every action has an equal, and opposite, reaction where exactly is it that all these re-actions are taking place? If it were indeed possible for me to change One thing would that not mean that it is possible for me to change Every-thing? Where is it exactly that these changes (even simply changes in Thought) are becoming manifest? Are they being felt or observed anywhere?One should expect that this should be occurring everywhere. And to such an overwhelming degree that no structurally cohesive reality should be in any way recognizable amidst the perpetual disintegration and reintegration of that which we have come to identify the world in which we exist.

The universe is not only not infinite it is quite finite. The infinite (or near-infinite)-space idea is simply a myth. And a quite modern one at that; that is, not really found in the mythologies of the ancient civilizations prior to monotheism. This is to say that it is a closed-system. No new information may enter, neither may any information exit. It all simply exists in some form or another. Many call this “potential energy”; for me I’m not so sure about that title.

While our simulated realities may intersect at times it is not the total immersion one may think. Rather it is like the stacking of a deck of cards; one 2D reality overlapping another, touching superficially but never integrating. Truly this must be the nature of reality because, quite simply, it is impossible for it to be any other way.

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