Black-Hats & Black-Magic


The above quote by Aleister Crowley says it better than I ever could. Never forget that the difference is solely up to you, the individual. Crowley, like countless others before him (Francis Bacon, John Dee, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Pike) is clear about the unpredictable, inescapable consequences which always accompany the reckless release of magick onto the unsuspecting and uninitiated. Information technology (and security) and magick have always been, and will always be, indistinguishable from one another in the eyes of the uninitiated. That much you must always remain clear about.

If you’ve made it this far I should hope you recognize the names I’ve listed; and not for whatever mysticism or moral ambiguity might surround them. Those men were the widely renown occultists of their eras. They were deeply trusted, if not placed chiefly in charge, by their respective empires. What these men had in common is self-discipline. It is not that Black Magic or Black-hat hacking is “evil” or subject to any other such fleeting label. But then neither is it “good,” you see? It simply “Is,” and likewise that which results from the application of either will be neither “good” nor “evil”, rather it will simply become that which now “Is.” And that which “Is” is always completely out of your control. Whatever the intention that precipitated the act, however noble or malignant, is lost immediately upon its release. It has gone from that which was solely in your moral discretion to that which rests in the discretion of the morality of whosoever chooses to employ it. What certainty do you have that their self-labeling is in accord with yours? As I heard Richard Thieme once paraphrase, “what’s all this white-hat, black-hat shit? We’re hackers damnit.”

It is that kind of clarity of self-identity which must be first and foremost in all intelligence work; which all hacking truly is (as well as magick). Do not get so lost in what it is you are trying to protect that you lose sight of why it’s important to protect it and, more importantly, what it means for that which you’re protecting to become vulnerable. If you’re unsure what that looks like imagine your fellow villagers taking up torches and pitchforks and setting out to find a devil that just so happens to look exactly like you.

Defining Employment In The New Economy



A current analysis of the US employment landscape returns the kind of data one would expect if surveying a neighboring planet rather than the traditionally held backbone of a nation-states economic stability (as well as domestic tranquility).
Where one would expect to find the indicators of an active (even semi-vibrant) economic-ecology he’s confronted instead by a pocked and barren surface blanketed in a toxic atmosphere.

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The Self-Employed Self

Now for some good news! Well…. maybe it’s presumptuous to call it “good news.” I’ll say instead, Now for some news some will consider good. The economy of tomorrow (which really means Today) will appear dramatically different than today’s (which really means Yesterday’s). It will be an information-economy in the truest sense and truly global in every sense.

Creativity, spontaneity, and autonomy are prerequisite. Gone will be nearly all the previously identifiable hierarchical substrata that’s become synonymous with the corporate operational model. The seemingly endless cascade of departments-within-departments (each comprising its own cascade of upper, middle, and lower management and technicians and all their respective subordinates) has long been known to be obsolete. This is not to say that that corporations will, in any way, cease to operate hierarchically. Rather, it is to say that those few individuals currently enjoying positions within the upper echelon of whichever hierarchy they’re presently entrenched have come to one mind. An understanding that their organizations no longer need to be supported architecturally by the bloated skeleton of an affected management class stratified by their paper-shuffling competency.

They seem to keenly understand what so few others can ever begin to grasp. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of it all, I don’t really know. Simulation after simulation and it still catches mankind by surprise. It is implicit in the very shape itself, and yet it goes unnoticed by all who plan or labor on it. There will always come a day that is so unlike all of the days before it that people will refuse to believe it is not a dream. It may take 30 years of planning, and thought, and ingenuity, and labor but ultimately it will be in that instant which exists in that unknowable-space between moments where the parameters of a new reality burst undeniably forth and fully into being like Athena from the head of Zeus.



You see, building the pyramid is the most important and all consuming aspect of ones life…..until it’s not. In that instant mentioned earlier, the monument goes from under-construction to Complete. And a highly skilled and specialized work force of tens of thousands go from being absolutely critical for cosmological harmony to completely obsolete. In an instant.

More on this to come