Black-Hats & Black-Magic


The above quote by Aleister Crowley says it better than I ever could. Never forget that the difference is solely up to you, the individual. Crowley, like countless others before him (Francis Bacon, John Dee, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Pike) is clear about the unpredictable, inescapable consequences which always accompany the reckless release of magick onto the unsuspecting and uninitiated. Information technology (and security) and magick have always been, and will always be, indistinguishable from one another in the eyes of the uninitiated. That much you must always remain clear about.

If you’ve made it this far I should hope you recognize the names I’ve listed; and not for whatever mysticism or moral ambiguity might surround them. Those men were the widely renown occultists of their eras. They were deeply trusted, if not placed chiefly in charge, by their respective empires. What these men had in common is self-discipline. It is not that Black Magic or Black-hat hacking is “evil” or subject to any other such fleeting label. But then neither is it “good,” you see? It simply “Is,” and likewise that which results from the application of either will be neither “good” nor “evil”, rather it will simply become that which now “Is.” And that which “Is” is always completely out of your control. Whatever the intention that precipitated the act, however noble or malignant, is lost immediately upon its release. It has gone from that which was solely in your moral discretion to that which rests in the discretion of the morality of whosoever chooses to employ it. What certainty do you have that their self-labeling is in accord with yours? As I heard Richard Thieme once paraphrase, “what’s all this white-hat, black-hat shit? We’re hackers damnit.”

It is that kind of clarity of self-identity which must be first and foremost in all intelligence work; which all hacking truly is (as well as magick). Do not get so lost in what it is you are trying to protect that you lose sight of why it’s important to protect it and, more importantly, what it means for that which you’re protecting to become vulnerable. If you’re unsure what that looks like imagine your fellow villagers taking up torches and pitchforks and setting out to find a devil that just so happens to look exactly like you.

The Tears of Sophia; What’s In A Name Anyway?

Those who claim to seek the NAME of clarity through willful ignorance of that which is clear will clearly find that changing the NAME of their ignorance to clarity has accomplished all they had set forth to do and thus be contented for ever that their search is finished; which in truth was what they sought all along; not clarity but contentment.

And whereupon the NAME of their ignorance is exposed they shall find that by introduction of the least amount of change to the NAME they have again become contented. And all this they do they do in earnest. And they will set upon to quarrel viciously over the least that may be included so that the NAME might still be satisfied by that which is contained within it. This quarreling they call scientific-learning. And whosever most often finds the least will be called the wisest. And whereupon by inclusion of the least overtaketh all sensible discernment then it is undertaken that the un-sensible has become sensible.

The fruit of such scientific-learning is the degree to which all understanding collapses into meaninglessness. Thereupon it becomes inescapably necessary to introduce a correction before the NAME is stricken. This corrective instrument is the inverted ratio whereby the degree to which that which is most viciously defended is that which is most patently absurd. And to such degree as whosoever defendeth the absurd be sensible and whosoever challenge it be both a madman and a menace.

Skipping Stones Across the Abzu


The key to understanding all the hidden secrets of the universe is found by understanding that the only thing secret about the universe is where you hid the key.

It’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. There is layer upon layer of deceit and uncertainty to contend with. It gets messier than hell in there too so I suggest you dress appropriately. I can’t say that it’s gonna get any easier. As a matter of fact it gets a lot tougher the deeper you go. But there’s no more rewarding or empowering feeling than that which comes from knowing who you really are and why you’re really here. And there can be nothing you hold so sacred that to even consider parting with it is out of the question; you must nucleate all the opposites.

It’s binary, truly. Point A to Point B. Just a 1 and a 0. A question, an answer. Once you connect point A to point B you’ll see there’s a line, that line is equal to all the information in the universe; it is the universe, matter-insubstantiae, thought-matter, meta-matter. It is space and all which is contained therein.

The measurable distance of the line is what is presently (mis)understood as time; it is the speed at which an individual is capable of processing information and executing commands, it is your clock signal in phase.

The time spent in measuring those distances is your life; it is all the potential energy you will ever have, it is all the information that you will ever need. And you always have it because you are always alive.